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Cities implementing different forms of police reform, AI tech ban, news deserts allow for corruption in SC, dropping crime rates in some cities, drones for deescalation, ending cash bail, COVID as a case for open data, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Consultant finds Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office ‘data rich, information poor’  (Santa Maria Times) South Bend Board of Public Safety approves use of force guidelines but demands more changes  (South Bend Tribune) Can a New, Open-Source Police Brutality Database Help to Hold Police Departments Accountable?  ( see also:  Civil Rights Groups Launch National Database on Police Use of Force  ( Do as I Say! Or, Do as I Say, Not as I Have Done! County Sheriffs’ Self-Reported Accountability Priorities for Themselves and Their Subordinates  ( Black people make up most arrests for low-level crimes in Dallas, report finds Dallas Police Chief Eddie GarcĂ­a said he wants to better understand the data behind the re

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Police begin to change policies in order to secure budgets, facial recognition tech arrests wrong person, researchers denounce AI powered predictive policing, a call for body cam transparency, private companies selling your location data to law enforcement, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Chicago’s Peace Academy Graduates a New Class of Violence Interrupters  (The Trace) San Jose mayor releases nine-point police reform plan  (The Mercury News) see also:  Chief: '8 Can't Wait' already police policy  (The High Point Enterprise) and also:  Cincinnati Council To Vote On A Series Of Police Reforms  (WVXU) and  Colorado governor signs police accountability bill, ending qualified immunity defense in the state  (Efficient Gov) and finally:  3 Boston City Councilors Want To Divert Nonviolent 911 Calls From Police  (CBS Boston) 3 North Carolina police officers fired over racist rants  (Charlotte Observer) Transit agencies weigh security forces amid calls to defund police  (Smart

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Trump signs executive order for police reform, using data to drive police reform, police surveillance, predictive policing banned in Santa Cruz, Justice In Policing Act v Justice Act, an end to no knock warrants, body cams can't solve police brutality, barriers to accessing police data, and more... POLICE CONDUCT President Trump signs executive order on police reform  (Today) see also  A look at dueling policing proposals considered by Congress  (Star Tribune) and also  Sweeping Police Reform Won't Happen Overnight  (Bloomberg) Defunding The Police-What Cops Support  ( The war on drugs gave rise to ‘no-knock’ warrants. Breonna Taylor’s death could end them  (PBS) George Floyd’s death shows need for ‘sanctity of life’ police training, researcher says  (Catholic News Agency) Camden's Police Overhaul Offers a Complicated Precedent  (Cheddar) see also  Camden's policing reform means building 'social currency'  (Guam Daily Post

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Policing reform at the federal, state, and local level, prohibiting facial recognition, using social workers with police saves money in Oregon, addressing police brutality, police data transparency a priority, what happens when you disband a police department, and more... POLICE CONDUCT House Judiciary Committee proposes Justice in Policing Act of 2020 - read it here  ( see also:  GOP senators draft police reform bill in response to national protests  (UPI) 'CAHOOTS': How Social Workers And Police Share Responsibilities and Save Money In Eugene, Oregon  (NPR) Camden, NJ disbanded its police department 7 years ago. Here's what happened next  (CNN) Following Calls For Defunding, Denver Police Chief Vows For Reevaluation  (CBS Denver) see also:  Colorado State Senate Passes Police Accountability Bill Almost Unanimously  (CBS Denver) Chattanooga PD Chief updates policy, requires officers to intervene in police brutality  (NewsChannel9) 

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Ohio State, Jax Active Shooter, Police Reform and more... Ohio State University Rampage Pipeline protest arrests strain North Dakota's court system ‘Active shooter’ and possible gunshot victims reported outside Jacksonville credit union District attorney exonerates officer, denounces rumors in killing of Keith Scott OPINION: Law Enforcement 'Failing' at Crime Reporting Tacoma cop killer killed by authorities 6 Proven Policies for Reducing Crime and Violence Without Gun Control Police Shootings and Brutality in the US: 9 Things You Should Know American Policing is Broken. Here's How You Should Fix It. Why Police Reform Won't Die Under Trump Analysis of Fatal Police Shootings How San Francisco's Transit System Warded Off Ransomware Hackers San Diego Police Unveil Gunshot Detection System at $245,000 Price Tag Walmart Keeps Local Police Departments Busy Portland Cops Have Issues with Their New Crime Reportin