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SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Body cam, AI, gun violence

Access to body cam footage, public safety demands better funding, illegal guns trafficked used in hundreds of shootings, Operation Ceasefire, violent crime rates, sexual assaults on cruise ships rise, AI in policing, generative AI, AI risks creating black box at heart of US legal system, police transparency committees, deaths after leaving prison, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Public Safety Demands Better Funding  (DC Journal) see also:  Delray Beach PD receives nearly $1 million to curb crime  (CBS12) Knox County Sheriff's Office told the D.A. that video of a raid didn't exist. But it did.  (Knox News) Town of Elizabeth intended to fire its police chief, sued 9NEWS trying to keep that secret  (9News) CRIME RATE As NYC grapples with crime concerns, police commissioner says safety is 'perception versus reality'  (NBC News) 68,000 guns illegally trafficked by U.S. dealers over 5 years were used in hundreds of shootings, ATF says  (CBS News) see also:  Gun cases in Chicago tu

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Police conduct, cameras, transparency

Police raid at wrong house leaves baby injured, neck restraints, roadside drug tests result in wrongful arrests, Operation Ceasefire in Oakland, public cameras for video evidence, police scanners to go dark, no more floppy discs for police records in Holyoke, non-lethal police weapons, AR FOIA exemption for police, AL prison returns bodies missing organs, and more... POLICE CONDUCT 'It's the wrong house': Audio of Ohio police raid that left a baby injured raises new questions  (NBC News) Neck-restraint bans, law enforcement officer unions, and police killings  (Wiley Online Library) Study Estimates Roadside Drug Tests Result in 30,000 Wrongful Arrests Every Year  (reason) CRIME RATE Oakland seeks to resurrect Operation Ceasefire after new audit links its end to rising crime  (ABC 7) Residential addiction treatment for U.S. teens is scarce and expensive, OHSU-led study finds  (Oregon Capital Chronicle) Pittsburgh’s new police records system will help federal agencies better