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SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Violent crime, AI tech, transparency

Fired cops, police advisory committee, police community relations, traffic stops clogging courts, police discipline records, National Crime Victimization Survey, stranger danger and violent crime, reducing gun crime, stolen guns, rap music used as evidence to convict, AI tool in criminal cases faces legal challenges, AI cameras, drones respond to 911 calls, police transparency in Pittsburgh, police data transparency, dashboards for criminal justice, and more... POLICE CONDUCT The Police Department for Fired Cops  (Illinois Answers Project) New police advisory committee formed after changes from state law  (Fox13Memphis) Using basketball to improve police-community relations and lower gun violence  (The Philadelphia Inquirer) In Memphis, Minor Traffic Stops are Clogging Courts and Draining Resources  ( Yonkers PD must hand over police discipline records to civil liberties group, judge rules  (AOL) CRIME RATE National Crime Victimization Survey: Prevalence Estimation Methods  (C

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Big Brother, Bitcoin investigation, police drones, AI, opioid overdoses

Worst State for officers to work, 'Big Brother in Coral Gables, predicting risk of opioid overdoses, China turns to robotic policing, drones fighting crimes, bitcoin price manipulation investigation, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Idaho ranked among worst places for police officers to work  (Idaho State Journal) Hacker Breaches Securus, the Company That Helps Cops Track Phones Across the US  (Motherboard) Supreme Court extends privacy protection to cars in a driveway  (LA Times) 'Big brother' in Coral Gables? Police capture data that says a lot about people's lives  (Miami Herald) How the municipal court money machine burdens city residents Lawsuits allege that small towns across the U.S. cracking down on “nuisance law” violations unfairly burden homeowners  ( CRIME RATE 2018 has already outpaced 2017 in K-12 school shooting deaths  (Vox) Why this Traverse City homeless shelter lets alcoholics drink  (Detroit Free Press) U.S. Launches Criminal P

New Age Policing: Past, Present, and Future

The future of policing always makes me think of the movie Minority Report, a movie that examines whether free will can exist if the future is set and known in advance. In the movie, Tom Cruise gets accused of a murder he hasn’t committed yet, and because of the technology used in the movie, is arrested. Predictive policing is a buzzword these days. So what is Predicitive Policing and does it work? Predictive Policing, also known as PREDPOL, is a police strategy created to solve crimes, prevent crimes, and predict where future crimes might happen. The main goal is to remove the opportunity to commit crime before it’s even there. Holy Minority Report, Batman! I don’t believe our laws would ever let technology ever decide the fate of a person who hasn’t committed a crime yet. However, I do think technology has and will continue to helped deter crime. There are a series of features needed - data collection, software, police, and response i in order for PREDPOL predictions and anal