SpotCrime Historical Crime Data Still Available to Public Free of Charge

The National Institute of Justice has recently announced new funding opportunities for research. If you are planning on applying for NIJ funding for research please remember that SpotCrime has free data for research and plans to release more data in 2013.

We are committed to release and share public crime data for positive purposes.

We made our historical database available earlier this year in hopes that crime patterns apparent in the data would be analyzed and new methods of crime prevention would arise from the findings.

Some of the research the NIJ will be funding sounds pretty interesting. One program will provide funding for analysis of existing data the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. Another program will provide funding to the Ph.D. Graduate Research Fellowship for research on crime, violence, and other criminal just related topics.It would be interesting to see what researchers find from their analysis of that data, especially at the Ph.D. level - it would also be interesting to see what researchers come up with after analyzing the SpotCrime database!

The SpotCrime database is available for download by emailing and asking for the historical data. After you fill out our disclaimer, we will make the data available to you, free of charge.


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