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Lower crime rate linked to Medicaid expansion, Trump talks prison reform, police create mental health partnerships, the debate on accuracy of crime prediction software and risk evaluation continues, legalized marijuana can help lower violent crime, and more...


Hopkins study finds disbanded Baltimore Police plainclothes unit provided most effective violence strategy, despite problems (Baltimore Sun)

Phoenix police link 9 murders within hours using in-house technology (

Memphis police's new way of tallying killings will mean fewer recorded homicides (

Simulation model finds Cure Violence program and targeted policing more effective in curbing urban violence (UC Davis)

Mason City police, Cerro Gordo County start mental health partnership (Globe Gazette)


New Evidence Links Medicaid Expansion to Lower Crime Rates (

Violent Crime Has Dropped In Border States With Legal Cannabis: Study (Forbes) See also: Legal marijuana cuts violence says US study, as medical-use laws see crime fall (The Guardian)

Las Vegas police say violent crime decreased in 2017 (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Highest murder total in 15 years prompts Tampa police to target drug use and violent repeat offenders (

Singapore's crime rate is so low that many shops don't even lock up (CNBC)


Study Finds Crime-Predicting Algorithm Is No Smarter Than Online Poll Takers (Gizmodo) See also: Data is better at determining a defendant's risk (Des Moines Register)

British policing undergoing digital transformation (

CPD To Show Off New Crime-Fighting Tech, Tactics At Police Conference (CBS Chicago) See also: Chicago aldermen kick around concept of arming police with 'textalyzers' (Chicago Tribune)


Data Helps Zero In On Worst Blocks In San Francisco For Car Break-Ins (CBS San Francisco)

The astrophysicist who wants to help solve Baltimore's blight (


Trump hosts prison reform listening session (CNN)

Nevada's Incarceration Rate Among Highest In The Country (

Levin: More criminal justice reform for Texas in 2018 (

National Prison Rate Continues to Decline Amid Sentencing, Re-Entry Reforms (Pew Charitable Trusts)


She wore the weapon in a photo with a friend — then killed her with it (Washington Post)

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