SpotCrime Weekly Reads: shaking corruption, AI in policing, transparency, and more...

Baltimore police department loses officers while facing corruption woes, mental health programs helps police, AI predicting crime debate continues, how transparent is your government, and more...


Baltimore Mayor Pugh opposes state commission to investigate police corruption (Baltimore Sun) see also: Baltimore police had net gain of 4 officers in 2017, but hundreds lost in recent years, according to data (Baltimore Sun)

Commish: Boston police bodycam pilot mostly successful (Boston Herald)

Lincoln police study finds mental health referral program reduces crisis calls (Journal Star)

Assessing police use of force data with the help of the Police Foundation (Sunlight Foundation)

Why Social Media Plays an Important Role in Law Enforcement (


Proposed bill aims to change how DUIs are reported across U.S. (WMC)

U.S. attorney meeting with community partners for crime reduction project (

QUIZ: Do You Know Where America Stands On Guns? (FiveThirtyEight)

A Rise in Cybercrime Is Inundating the FBI (

An early-warning system for troubled kids? Using data to keep teens away from crime (


Artificial intelligence could identify gang crimes—and ignite an ethical firestorm ( See also: Moves on the Street: Classifying Crime Hotspots Using Aggregated Anonymized Data on People Dynamics ( and also: Chicago police expand predictive technology as crime dips (

Google Tests 911 Cellphone Service to Pinpoint Caller Location

AI as new tool in banks’ crime-fighting bag? (American Banker)

Smart Speakers Will Soon Talk to Police. That’s Not As Bad As It Sounds. (Slate)

China’s law enforcement expands use of facial recognition glasses (

An Algorithm That Catches Serial Killers Could Connect 200k Unsolved Murders (

Researchers at ISU have been hard at work for around five years developing a way to retrieve serial numbers that were etched away from stolen property. (KPVI)


How open is your government? Find out. (MuckRock)

LA Will Iron Out Body-Cam Transparency Rules (GovTech)

Why Every City Should Make a Commitment to Data (


Florida could start a criminal-justice data revolution (Wired)

Easing penalties on low-level offenses didn’t raise crime rate, study finds
 (San Francisco Chronicle)


Self-described 'international fraudster' threatened, bullied and used bots to purge Internet of criminal past, feds say (

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