SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Immigration crime data, murders decline, algorithms, FBI hate crime data, and more...

Algorithm helps case investigations, body cams impact jurors, fight crime by addressing addiction, counting hate crimes, immigration crime data misunderstood, and more...


Slain Utah police officer Joseph Shinners mourned by police departments across US (Yahoo News)

A UK police force is dropping tricky cases on advice of an algorithm (New Scientist)

Indianapolis Responds to Record-Setting Homicides (

How police body cam videos impact jurors differently than dashcam videos (


Many police departments report decline in murders in 2018 — but not in these cities (CBS News)

5 facts about crime in the U.S. (Pew)

New St. Louis County prosecutor wants to fight crime by addressing addiction and mental health (St Louis Post-Dispatch)

Many hate crimes never make it into the FBI’s database (The Conversation)

Majority of Baltimore homicide victims in 2018 were shot in the head, analysis shows (Baltimore Sun)

How Wilmington police are tackling gun violence in a city once labeled 'Murder Town' (

Teens Who Self-Harm: More Likely to Hurt Others? U.K. twin study finds different clinical features in these "dual harmers" (MedPage Today)

Doctors Don't Have to Tell Patients They're on Probation, Except in One State (

Does Legalizing Marijuana Cause 'Sharp Increases in Murders and Aggravated Assaults'? (


Drones. AI. Bodycams. Is Technology Making Us Safer? (GovTech)

Using Genetic Genealogy To Identify Unknown Crime Victims, Sometimes Decades Later (NPR)

Motorola Solutions acquires license plate recognition company it says will help police solve crimes faster (PostBulletin)

Stealthy and complex: Understanding cyber attacks of the future (Computing)


Police in Quincy, Mass., to Begin Using Ring Safety App (GovTech)

The Government Doesn’t Understand Its Own Immigration and Crime Data (CATO Institute)


Risk Assessment: Should Youth Be a Factor in Judging ‘Dangerousness’? (

After setbacks, Spokane County abandons custom criminal justice algorithm in favor of simpler tool (Spokesman-Review)

New year, new text alerts remind defendants in Palm Beach County about upcoming court dates (WPTV)


Cedar Rapids 'Butt Crack Bandit' arrested, faces multiple charges (The Gazette)

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