SpotCrime Weekly Reads: AI in policing, defining homicide, lower crime rate

We have a lot to learn about machine learning and AI in policing, Boeing criminal probe, policing for profit, catholic church scandal in Illinois, what a cleared homicide means, and more...


Nowata County sheriff, undersheriff, deputies resign over jail controversy (KTUL)

The Supreme Court Resuscitates the Eighth Amendment The justices strike a blow against policing for profit. (The Atlantic)

SC sheriffs fly first class, bully employees and line their pockets with taxpayer money (The Post and Courier)

Former DEA official now working for OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma (NBC News)

FBI assisting in criminal probe into how Boeing's 737 Max planes were certified to fly (CBS News)

Gov. Cuomo Supports Banning Sex Offenders From Subway. The ban would apply to repeat offenders — anyone who has been convicted of subway sex crimes twice. (CBS New York)

Court: Middle Finger Protected by the Constitution (NYTimes)


Buttigieg Defends ‘Up-and-Down’ Crime Rate as Mayor (The Washington Free Beacon) see also: Buttigieg fails to understand tech: the state of South Bend open crime data

Catholic Church scandal: 395 Illinois priests, deacons accused of sexual misconduct (USAToday)

Americans Increasingly Satisfied With Crime Reductions (

If police say a homicide is 'cleared,' does that mean it's solved? It depends. (Journal Sentinel)

PERSPECTIVE: The Troubling Limits of the ‘Great Crime Decline’ (CityLab)

Indiana legislature passes bill aimed at protecting crime victims' rights (WDRB)

New Zealand Terror Attack Latest Example of 'Rising Tide of Hate,' Experts Say (People)

Puzzling number of men tied to Ferguson protests have died (ABC News)


How the NYPD is using machine learning to spot crime patterns (StateScoop)

Microsoft’s latest patent will enlist the help of AI to solve crime (

New software to help KCPD identify crime risk areas (KSHB)

The problem with LAPD’s predictive policing (LATimes)

'Thin Blue Lie' : Local journalist pens not-so-shocking expose on the unreliability of Tasers (Post Gazette)

UK investigates crime-fighting AI for racial discrimination (


Officer's Body Cam Fails To Capture Footage Of Woman Shooting Herself In The Head While Her Hands Were Cuffed Behind Her (TechDirt)


Arnold Ventures Pledges $39M to Reform ‘Broken’ Pretrial System (

Ky. Legislature Passes Bill Expanding Felony Expungement Law (WFPL)


Former Mississippi Gulf Coast officer says she had sex while child was dying in hot car (Hattiesburg American)

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