SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Facial recognition, cyber attacks, data sharing

The facial recognition debate, cyber attacks affecting agencies and residents, data sharing and analysis makes agencies better, AI predicts opioid deaths, undocumented immigrants do not increase crime, and more...


Data Drives Down Nashville’s Emergency Response Times (GovTech)

Hill Country's mobile mental health crisis unit logs 200+ calls in Redding since January (

Axon misled city about contract terms when police switched to new bodycam vendor (MuckRock)

KBI: Probe of possible ‘double dipping’ at KCK police chief’s lake house sent to DA (The Kansas City Star)

DC police disproportionately target black people for minor violations: study (WTOP)

Does being tough on crime actually deter crime? (arsTechnica)


Crime commitment: Data sharing at core of collaborative approach to combating city's issues (Mandurah Mail)

Cyber Crime Victims Lost $2.7B in 2018, FBI Reports (MeriTalk) see also: Why Rewards for Loyal Spenders Are ‘a Honey Pot for Hackers’ (NYTimes)

Is it the case that rich city residents are more likely to leave cities as crime rises? (

Child abuse: Growing problem or just more public awareness? (The Michigan City News Dispatch)

What’s the Real Link Between Pot Dispensaries and Crime Rates? (Rolling Stone)

As the Opioid Crisis Peaks, Meth and Cocaine Deaths Explode (Pew Trusts)

Police raided Dallas Diocese's "secret archives" because church officials were allegedly hiding information (CBS This Morning)

St Louis Dutchtown neighbors grill city leaders about crime (KSDK)

New Research Reveals Undocumented Immigrants Do Not Increase Crime Rates (HoustonPublicMedia)


It's time for consensus on facial recognition in law enforcement (GCN) see also: Local former cops create facial recognition technology to fight crime, but critics are concerned (KMOV)

A closer look at solving crimes with the help of genetic genealogy (KRCR)

AI can predict opioid overdoses from crime and socioeconomic data (Venture Beat)

Can system that detects gunfire in seconds reduce crime? Columbia is using it (The State)


Location information is imperative for effective and informative policing  (SpotCrime Blog)

Public data on crime, parking tickets and more no longer being updated amid Baltimore ransomware attack (Baltimore Sun)

Dallas Mayoral Candidates Are Overlooking One of the City’s Most Important Issues It's data, and it hasn't been on anyone's radar during the mayor's race. (Dallas Magazine)

Raleigh police chief changes body cam policy after fatal Mojorrad shooting (ABC 11)


Can Prisons Change? Arnold Grants $17M to Spur ‘National Conversation’ on Reform (

Recidivism at Yakima County jail affects crime rates — and budgets (Yakima Herald)


Auburndale man convicted of raping 5-year-old girl, capturing the act on his cellphone recorder (The Ledger)

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