SpotCrime Weekly Reads: algorithms, facial recognition, dangers of policing

Domestic violence and disturbance calls prove most dangerous for officers, can prisons make us safer, algorithm to solve murders, license plate readers on campus, hiring ex-convicts to help fight crime, body cam facial recognition, and more...


Crime Reduction Unit met with success, crime on the decline (Cochrane Today)

Illinois deputy gunned down while responding to call, becomes 5th officer fatally shot nationwide in last 8 days (ABC News)

'More inherently dangerous and unpredictable' | Why ‘Disturbance’ calls are a wildcard for police (ABC10) see also: 'Abuse Is A Pattern': Law enforcement says they respond to domestic dispute calls daily (KRCR News) and also: Sacramento Officer Tara O’Sullivan was gunned down during a domestic disturbance call. Her death sent the region into mourning (LA Times)

City and organizers to push back against summer spike in crime and violence (Indianapolis Recorder)

New Alabama Law Permits Church To Hire Its Own Police Force (NPR)

Minneapolis police take Compstat-like approach to drug overdoses (Star Tribune)


Do Prisons Make Us Safer? New research shows that prisons prevent far less violent crime than you might think (Scientific American)

Criminal justice system at center of swirling debate as gun violence continues in Philly (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Alaska Is the Most Dangerous State for Women. Now They Are Fighting Back. (Governing)

How common is gun violence in Jackson? Here's what the numbers show. (Jackson Sun)

'One Week, One Street' aims at Saginaw neighborhood (Midland Daily News) see also: Can Parks Help Cities Fight Crime? (NC State University)

Card fraud fuels criminal activity. Is industry doing enough to stop it? (American Banker)

Drug-overdose deaths on the precipice of declining for first time in decades, CDC says (ABC news)

A new study found a link between the number of racist tweets and real-life hate crimes in 100 US cities (TWTR) (Greenwich Time)


Could an algorithm help prevent murders? (BBC)

Axon won’t use facial recognition tech in its police body cameras (Endgadget)

UCF scanning license plates of cars on campus to check against police databases (Orlando Sentinel)

Humans Can’t Watch All the Surveillance Cameras Out There, so Computers Are (Slate)

Another Mobile App Lets Cops Use Cellphones Like Body Cams (GovTech)


Antioch Crime Reports Down For More than a Month Due to Technical Issue (East County Today)


What if Fort Worth hired ex-convicts to fight violent crime? It’s working elsewhere (Star Telegram)

Confined and Costly: How Supervision Violations Are Filling Prisons and Burdening Budgets (Justice Center Council of State Governments)

Innovative prison programs help inmates prep for successful careers (Colorado Springs Independent)

Connecticut will be first state to collect prosecutor data to study racial bias (NBCNews)


Body-cam video released of baby found abandoned in woods (Fox 5 Atlanta)

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