SpotCrime Weekly Reads: mental health, gun trafficking, controversial police programs

Mental health police response programs seeing results, reimagining policing in Seattle, Chicago controversial gang database still in use, Pasco County controversial intelligence program still in use, evidence from gun-shot detecting AI altered, DOJ launches firearms trafficking strike force, officers from January 6 insurrection testify, hate crime laws lack uniformity across US, reentry programs change inmates lives, and more...


Chicago Police Defend Use of Gang Database, More than 2 Years After Watchdog Called it ‘Deeply Flawed’ (WTTW)

Pasco Sheriff’s Office letter targets residents for ‘increased accountability’. Critics of the agency’s intelligence programs called the letter ‘patronizing’ and ‘offensive,’ and raised continued concerns about civil rights (Tampa Bay Times)

Policing in America Project: The Value of Community Engagement (Data Foundation)

Police Are Telling ShotSpotter to Alter Evidence From Gunshot-Detecting AI (VICE)

Seattle mayor proposes new emergency response team in effort to reimagine policing (King 5)

Police exodus: Officers leaving SLMPD in droves – why? (Fox2Now)

NYC's Non-Police Mental Health Pilot Increasing Rate of Those Getting Aid, Data Show (NBC New York) see also: Appleton police notice significant decline in emergency detentions since hiring behavioral health officer (Post Crescent)


Department of Justice Announces Launch of Firearms Trafficking Strike Forces to Crack Down on Sources of Crime Guns (

Cities that reduced arrests for minor offenses also saw fewer police shootings and crime in those cities wasn’t worse. (FiveThirtyEight)

“They sough to convert us": Officers' January 6 testimony reveals the riot's dark righteousness (Vanity Fair)

Report: Hate crime laws lack uniformity across the US (ABC News)


Residents Voice Privacy Concerns Over License Plate Reading (GovTech)

Citizen Wants to Pay You $25 an Hour to Be a Nightcrawler (Gizmodo)


Opinion: Data-Driven Governance Is Chattanooga, Tenn., Standard (GovTech)


Wilson Center's new partnership with district attorneys will shed light on plea agreements (Duke Law)

Criminal justice advocates in New York call for prison vaccination data (Spectrum Local News)

'Get out of that place:' Former SC inmate says reentry program changed his life (WPDE)

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