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SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Encryption, AI, crime data

Police encryption and access to encrypted data, reporting police misconduct, high-speed police chases, surveillance expansion, US crime data, DOJ seeks input on AI use, machine learning flags issues with police forces sooner, AI assessing traffic stops, cyber security training, body cam transparency, forensic DNA lab transparency, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Police Chiefs Call for Solutions to Access Encrypted Data in Serious Crime Cases  (The Hacker News) Myrtle Beach police fully encrypts scanner traffic, drawing transparency concerns  (WMBF) Colorado law enforcement groups object to bill requiring officers to report colleagues' alleged misconduct  (Colorado Politics) In reversal, more areas allow high-speed police chases  (The Mercury News) Firing the police chief, probing his complaints two resolutions facing Mobile City Council  (NBC15) Surveillance expansion threatens press freedom – and everyone else's  (Freedom of the Press Foundation) 34 charges filed as Houston PD wrap

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: domestic violence, guns, surveillance

Gun violence prevention programs, police accountability, FBI gun seizures, data-driven approach to targeting gun violence, domestic violence, police surveillance, addressing violent crime, predictive policing, digital data used by police, government open data portals, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Mayor Duggan to launch gun violence prevention program at State of the City  (Detroit Free Press) Mayor to Mayor: Taking the lead on police accountability  (Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab) FBI gun seizure orders from people who fail background checks hit historic rates  (USA Today) CRIME RATE A data-driven approach to targeting gun violence  (Lockport Union-Sun & Journal) Criminal justice analysis center releases new insight into domestic violence reported in N.C.  (North Carolina Department of Public Safety) see also:  Report details how one police department addresses domestic-related repeat calls for service  ( Rise in bus driver assaults triggers new protec

NEW! MyLocalCrime app on Android

Checking out a new restaurant in the city? Are your kids going to a new neighborhood to visit friends? Traveling to a new city for vacation or work? Buying a house? Starting a community watch group?   It's now easier than ever to stay up to date on police activity and crime near your most important locations with our new Android app for our sister website, MyLocalCrime.  Download the app for free from the google play store here: We've added a ‘favorite addresses’ feature making it more convenient for you to access information on crimes like shootings robberies, assaults, burglaries, arrests, thefts, vandalisms, and arsons around multiple addresses. If you like the app, make sure to leave a review. And, don’t forget to sign up for free daily and weekly crime alerts! Safety begins with knowing.