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SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Encryption, AI, crime data

Police encryption and access to encrypted data, reporting police misconduct, high-speed police chases, surveillance expansion, US crime data, DOJ seeks input on AI use, machine learning flags issues with police forces sooner, AI assessing traffic stops, cyber security training, body cam transparency, forensic DNA lab transparency, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Police Chiefs Call for Solutions to Access Encrypted Data in Serious Crime Cases  (The Hacker News) Myrtle Beach police fully encrypts scanner traffic, drawing transparency concerns  (WMBF) Colorado law enforcement groups object to bill requiring officers to report colleagues' alleged misconduct  (Colorado Politics) In reversal, more areas allow high-speed police chases  (The Mercury News) Firing the police chief, probing his complaints two resolutions facing Mobile City Council  (NBC15) Surveillance expansion threatens press freedom – and everyone else's  (Freedom of the Press Foundation) 34 charges filed as Houston PD wrap

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: civilian review boards, crime rates, prison

Florida bans civilian boards from investigating police misconduct, police reform behind closed doors in Virginia, more transparency for asset seizures, internal reviews, facial recognition laws for law enforcement, peace officers in NYC, high speed chases, crisis intervention in Tampa, homicides plummeting, crime rate drops, encrypting police radios, police surveillance, benefits of police data transparency, mental health facility instead of prison, Massachusetts' prison population drops, and more... POLICE CONDUCT DeSantis signs controversial bill banning civilian boards from investigating police misconduct  (Sun Sentinel) Police reform may expand In Virginia, but behind closed doors  (Virginia Center for Investigative Journalism) More transparency needed for WA police asset seizures, audit says  (Seattle Times) Glendale Police force shows its hand in internal review  (Glendale News-Press) Maryland lawmakers approve ‘strongest’ facial recognition rules for law enforcement yet  (St

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: mental health, gun violence, debtors prison

Encrypted radios, mental health calls for service, mental health of criminal justice professionals, youth gun deaths and gun violence on the rise, policing software blamed for errors, tighter drug laws could cause unsustainable workload, police database to fight gun crimes, debtors prison, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Hearing sirens? Finding out why could get harder as Central Indiana police encrypt radios  (Indy Star) The Intersection of Health and Justice: An Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid Training for Justice-involved Professionals  (SAGE Journals) Addictions, mental health, housing issues drive up police calls for service  (CKOM)  CRIME RATE Gun deaths among U.S. children and teens rose 50% in two years  (Pew Research Center) see also:  Data shows alarming rise in youth gun violence in Harris County  (CW39 Houston) Local newsrooms want to stop sensationalizing crime, but it’s hard  (Poynter) Louisville mayor vows to fight gun violence  (ABC News) CRIM-TECH Policing software bl