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SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Surveillance, crime rate, prison

Naming officers in police misconduct investigations, easing restrictions on marijuana, citizen oversight board, traffic stops, decline in use of force, support for police, drop in crime, National Crime Victimization Survey, expanding surveillance, proactive policing and surveillance, automated license plate readers, crypto money laundering, AI, residents demand more transparency, charging for prison cells, juvenile detention centers, and more... POLICE CONDUCT State supreme court: DA must name officers in police misconduct investigations  (AOL) US poised to ease restrictions on marijuana in historic shift, but it’ll remain controlled substance  (AP News) The Louisiana Town Where a Traffic Stop Can Lead to One Charge After Another  (ProPublica) New citizen oversight board legislation enacted to support police, 'worrisome' to critics  (Herald-Tribune) 21 senior members of DC police to be dismissed — more than half due to ‘serious misconduct’  (WTOP) Despite Increase in Arrests, H

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: police accountability, police records hard to access, low incarceration rate

Bipartisan talks for police reform end, tracking use-of-force not so easy, AGs address police accountability, studying the mental health of police officers, LA DA dismisses marijuana convictions, murders rose in 2020, not all agencies report data to FBI, body cams costs, police use of tech and the state of surveillance, Alabama ends open access to police records, Mary's Law in Florida hinders police transparency, will the low incarceration rate last, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Bipartisan police-overhaul talks end with no deal. lawmakers had sought to address abuses by law-enforcement after protests over killings of Black Americans  (Wall Street Journal) How is police use of force tracked in the Quad-Cities? That depends on the department.  (Quad City Times) Austin police weigh dispatching civilians, not officers to some nonemergency calls  (Austin American Statesman) Attorneys General in Three States Move to Increase Police Accountability  ( see also:  What the r

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: racial disparities, mental health, gun violence

Justice in Policing Act, minimum wage, gun violence, mental health calls, inmate mortality rates, how terrorism transformed law enforcement, racial disparities in policing, legalizing marijuana, what caused the 2020 murder spike, and more... POLICE CONDUCT House to Vote on George Floyd Justice in Policing Act  (Milwaukee Community Journal) Why Cops Don’t Talk About Suicide  ( Dayton-area police agencies using special teams on mental health calls  (DaytonDailyNews) see also:  Orlando launching pilot program to send mental health professionals to nonviolent calls for service  (WFTV) and also:  Bello task force calls for expansion of mental health response programs  (Rochester City Newspaper) The Impact of Terrorism on the Transformation of Law Enforcement in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada Since the 1960s: The Relevance of 9/11 to the Thin Blue Line  ( "Good Cops Are Afraid." The Toll of Unchecked Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro  (

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: crime in schools, marijuana legalization, big data policing

Schools to monitor students social media, PredPol's (un)effectiveness, looking at the juvenile crime rate, violence in Mexico, big data policing, video surveillance, does legalizing marijuana have an effect on crime, and more... POLICE CONDUCT “It’s PredPol, and it’s going to reduce crime”: Agencies take algorithmic effectiveness on faith, with few checks in place Out of over 50 agencies surveyed, none indicated they had examined effectiveness of “data-driven” approach  (MuckRock) see also:  Cities Should Look At Los Angeles’ History of Big Data Policing and Avoid Its Mistakes  (Catalyst) The effects of body-worn cameras on police-citizen encounters and police activity: evaluation of a pilot implementation in Philadelphia, PA  (Journal of Experimental Criminology) Mayor Jim Strickland says consent decree limits MPD's ability to fight crime; activists cry foul  (Commercial Appeal) In a rare move, cop faces a criminal leak investigation  (Sun Sentinel) California cops