SpotCrime Weekly Reads: crime in schools, marijuana legalization, big data policing

Schools to monitor students social media, PredPol's (un)effectiveness, looking at the juvenile crime rate, violence in Mexico, big data policing, video surveillance, does legalizing marijuana have an effect on crime, and more...


“It’s PredPol, and it’s going to reduce crime”: Agencies take algorithmic effectiveness on faith, with few checks in place Out of over 50 agencies surveyed, none indicated they had examined effectiveness of “data-driven” approach (MuckRock) see also: Cities Should Look At Los Angeles’ History of Big Data Policing and Avoid Its Mistakes (Catalyst)

The effects of body-worn cameras on police-citizen encounters and police activity: evaluation of a pilot implementation in Philadelphia, PA (Journal of Experimental Criminology)

Mayor Jim Strickland says consent decree limits MPD's ability to fight crime; activists cry foul (Commercial Appeal)

In a rare move, cop faces a criminal leak investigation (Sun Sentinel)

California cops seize almost 1 million marijuana plants in raids on black market farms (The Sacramento Bee) see also: Reasons Marijuana Legalization Seems To Be Failing (Forbes) and also: Is the ‘War on Drugs’ Over? Arrest Statistics Say No (NYTimes)


Theme parks linked to increased crime risk, says study (

Gang-Related Crimes Drive Up Murders, Shootings in New York City But crime levels remain at historically low levels in the city (Wall Street Journal)

A new study shows that the rate of violent crime increases with the level of smog. (The Nation)

The U.S. and Mexico have waged war on drug cartels for decades. They've fallen short. More than 300,000 homicides have occurred in Mexico since it began waging anti-drug campaigns in 2006.  (NBC News) see also: American-Made .50-Caliber Rifles Help Fuel Mexican Cartel Violence (TheTrace)

State Data Show Spike in Weapons, Bullying, Violence in County Schools (FoxBaltimore) see also: New Bill Would Require Schools to Monitor Social Media (GovTech) and also: From Risk to Opportunity: Afterschool Programs Keep Kids Safe (StrongNation) and also: Juvenile mob attacks up more than 50 percent over last year in DC (Fox5DC) and finally: New data says crimes involving juveniles have increased almost 60% (Fox13)

Homicide is declining around the world – but why? (


“Police Surveillance: Facial Recognition Use in Your Backyard” (MuckRock)

DPD’s New Plan for Crime Hot Spots: Virtual Patrols (Dallas Observer)

Eye in the Sky: New tool to deter crime at Westwood Walmart shows promising results (Local12)


New law governs the way police release use of force data, camera footage (The Day)


Hundreds of Oklahoma inmates being released Monday in largest commutation in U.S. history (NBC News)

Broken: TN juvenile justice system 'broken, outdated, in catastrophic failure' (NewsChannel5)

Jail Suicide Epidemic Doesn't Extend To Northwest Prisons (OPB)

ACLU says Operation Rio Grande created ‘long-term damage’ (Desert News)


Teenagers charged in Olathe robberies caught on video and posted to social media (Kansas City Star)

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