SpotCrime Weekly Reads: license plate readers, camera surveillance, crime data

Ethics behind the camera/license plate reader/facial recognition surveillance tech adopted by police, hotspot policing in Schenectady, high pollen days show correlation to lower crime, and more...


Schenectady police talk data, hotspots following conference (Daily Gazette)

New grant funds partnership to fight violent crime (Local 21 News)

Civil Rights Groups Ask Legislators To Block Ring's Surveillance Partnerships With Law Enforcement (TechDirt)

Milwaukee police officer buys children car seats instead of ticketing their mom (CNN)


More sneezing, less crime? Health shocks and the market for offenses (ScienceDirect)

Crime in Maine has declined more than 56% in 7 years, annual report shows (Press Herald)

WSU study of connection between marijuana legalization, crime turns up surprises (Spokesman-Review)

18 pounds of fentanyl seized in Southern California — enough to make 4 million lethal doses (CBS News)

Waco sees drop in crime rate, plans for future policing efforts (Waco Tribune)


Man linked to 30 crimes in Carroll County arrested after Cobb license plate readers flag him (11Alive)  see also: Axon adds license plate recognition to police dash cams, but heeds ethics board’s concerns (TechCrunch) see also: Police say license plate readers help reduce crime. But, how is the data being used? (11Alive)

The ACLU tested facial recognition software with photos of Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots players. It misidentified 28 of them (

Saginaw police getting new surveillance cameras, special phone (

Public safety: New hybrid patrol cars, drones; push for change to gun legislation (Palm Beach Daily News)


Why Open Data? (PRIO)

Google Maps will now let users share the locations of police speed traps, similar to apps like Waze (


As machines play a greater role in criminal justice, third-party auditing and oversight is essential (ABA Journal)

Prisons log record overtime: Minnesota officers work double shifts, risk burnout to fill staffing gaps (Brainerd Dispatch)


Brothers saved meth equipment in fire, left their grandmother to die, according to DA (WETM)

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