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SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Violent crime, AI tech, transparency

Fired cops, police advisory committee, police community relations, traffic stops clogging courts, police discipline records, National Crime Victimization Survey, stranger danger and violent crime, reducing gun crime, stolen guns, rap music used as evidence to convict, AI tool in criminal cases faces legal challenges, AI cameras, drones respond to 911 calls, police transparency in Pittsburgh, police data transparency, dashboards for criminal justice, and more... POLICE CONDUCT The Police Department for Fired Cops  (Illinois Answers Project) New police advisory committee formed after changes from state law  (Fox13Memphis) Using basketball to improve police-community relations and lower gun violence  (The Philadelphia Inquirer) In Memphis, Minor Traffic Stops are Clogging Courts and Draining Resources  ( Yonkers PD must hand over police discipline records to civil liberties group, judge rules  (AOL) CRIME RATE National Crime Victimization Survey: Prevalence Estimation Methods  (C

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: license plate readers, camera surveillance, crime data

Ethics behind the camera/license plate reader/facial recognition surveillance tech adopted by police, hotspot policing in Schenectady, high pollen days show correlation to lower crime, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Schenectady police talk data, hotspots following conference  (Daily Gazette) New grant funds partnership to fight violent crime  (Local 21 News) Civil Rights Groups Ask Legislators To Block Ring's Surveillance Partnerships With Law Enforcement  (TechDirt) Milwaukee police officer buys children car seats instead of ticketing their mom  (CNN) CRIME RATE More sneezing, less crime? Health shocks and the market for offenses  (ScienceDirect) Crime in Maine has declined more than 56% in 7 years, annual report shows  (Press Herald) WSU study of connection between marijuana legalization, crime turns up surprises  (Spokesman-Review) 18 pounds of fentanyl seized in Southern California — enough to make 4 million lethal doses  (CBS News) Waco sees drop in crime rate,

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: cameras cut crime, crime data, life after prison

Cameras credited for cutting crime, link between crime and obesity, possible serial killer in Chicago, data important analyzing tool, Denver PD testing GPS dart system, life after prison, and more... POLICE CONDUCT San Francisco DA: Analyzing data helpful in fighting crime  (ABQ Journal) Data call into question supposed benefits of police review boards  (Dallas News) Killeen: Doorbell cameras helping police solve crimes  (KWTX) Records Requests Show Even More California Police Departments Started Destroying Records Before The Public Could Get Its Hands On Them  (TechDirt) Recently released records show Portland Police Bureau targeted counter-protesters, ignored armed alt-right demonstrators at “Patriot Prayer” rally  (MuckRock) Grand Rapids to criminalize reckless racial profiling when making police report  (Michigan Watchdog) Hawaii law enforcement power couple mired in corruption case  (Associated Press) CRIME RATE Millennials arrested more often than predecessors—e