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Feds fund mental health response teams, addressing the mental health of officers, reforming use of force practices, research showing body cams good investment, Houston chief focused on reforms and crime rate, Chicago sues gun store tied to 850 firearms involved in crimes, NYPD robot dog sent to the pound, Zoom court, and more...


A former Georgia sheriff's deputy said he wanted to charge Black people with felonies to prevent them from voting, court documents show (Business Insider)

How Pa. troopers use sweating, stuttering during traffic stops to launch vehicle searches (The Morning Call)

Feds fund mental health crisis teams to stand in for police (ABC News) see also: “There Was No Plan in Place to Get Us Help”: Strategies for Improving Mental Health Service Utilization Among Law Enforcement (Springer Link)

St. Louis police group opposes move to cut 100-plus vacant officer positions (St Louis Post Dispatch)

US Department Of Education Now Investigating Florida Sheriff's Student 'Pre-Crime' Program (TechDirt) see also: Coalition forms to oppose Pasco Sheriff intelligence program (Tampa Bay Times)

Bridging the Divide Between the Police and the Policed (The New Yorker) see also: Jacksonville community leaders celebrate progress with JSO (News4Jax)

Reforming Police Use-of-Force Practices: A Case Study of theCincinnati Police Department ( see also: OC Deputy Sheriffs Get 5 Times More Training on Guns Than De-Escalation. Could That Be Changing? (Voice of OC)

Knox County sheriff's deputies flood auditorium as activists call for police reform (Knox News)

Racial Disparities Persist in Boston Police Interactions, Data Shows (NBC Boston)


HPD chief 'laser-focused' on department reforms and bringing down violent crime (ABC13)

'Eye-popping numbers': Chicago sues Indiana gun store tied to 850 firearms recovered from crime scene (Detroit Free Press)

Politics of fear: Are youth really to blame for the carjacking spike? (Chicago Reader)

Major California cities see sharp increase in homicides, car thefts during COVID pandemic (The Sacramento Bee) see also: Pittsburgh police: 2020 was 'challenging' as crime report reveals spike in homicides (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Uber rides and your safety: How the rideshare company is helping fight carjackings, sex trafficking (ABC7Chicago)


Research Says Body Cams Are Good Public Safety Investment (GovTech)

Cleveland Expands Surveillance Network With ShotSpotter And Private Cameras (IdeaStream)

The NYPD is sending its controversial robot dog back to the pound. Critics say the machine illustrated the unnecessary militarization of the police (The Verge)


NC judge declines to release body-cam footage to public in Andrew Brown death (The Herald Sun)

National Police Foundation endorses Arnold Venture’s Campaign for Criminal Justice Data Modernization (The Police Foundation) see also: Arnold Ventures criminal justice data report aligns with SpotCrime's approach to open crime data (SpotCrime blog)

Virginia Law Ends Secrecy of Police Records (


Zoom Court Is Changing How Justice Is Served For better, for worse, and possibly forever (The Atlantic)

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