SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Violence prevention, police reform, crime rate

Violence prevention spending, looking at data to keep police accountable, Colorado cop barred from policing ends up as police chief, civil litigation as instrument for police reform, gun violence, less crime around strip clubs than Airbnbs, COVID-19 leads to sweeping changes in jails, and more...


Boston police emphasize de-escalation, disengagement in mental health calls (Boston Globe)

State, law enforcement officials offer different assessments of Police Integrity Transparency and Accountability Act ‘We need these types of bills to hold law enforcement accountable.’ (Greeley Tribune)

Federal Civil Litigation as an Instrument of Police Reform: A Natural Experiment Exploring the Effects of the Floyd Ruling on Stop-and-Frisk Activities in New York City (

A Colorado cop was supposed to be barred from law enforcement. Instead, he became interim police chief. (Mercury News)

Governor’s Policing Surge In Jackson May Not Prevent Violence, Address Causes (Mississippi Free Press)

Columbia Police Department asked MU researchers to analyze vehicle stop disparities. Here's what they found (Columbia Tribune)


How crime stats lie — and what you need to know to understand them (CNN)

Oakland Invests Big In Violence Prevention Department ( see also: Council approves $3.3M in Indianapolis anti-violence spending (Fox59)

Murders are up. Crime is not. What’s going on? (Vox)

‘Epidemic’ of gun violence prompts call for Virginia to use federal dollars to curb shootings (Virginia Mercury) see also: Alabama city plagued by gun violence (WTVA)

City-Funded Housing Repairs in Low-Income Neighborhoods Associated with Drop in Crime (Penn Medicine News)

Princeton University study: Strip clubs and escort services may help reduce sex crimes (Fast Company) see also: Airbnb Listings Associated With More Violent Crime Locally, Strip Clubs With Less (IFLScience)

Police on bikes, scooters to back up regular patrols in high-crime D.C. neighborhoods (Washington Post)


Costly Gunshot Technology Targets Black Communities But Yields Few Results (

HOAs leveraging technology to send crime reports straight to police (OKC Fox)


New online resource makes policing data in Norfolk available to public (WTKR)

Tampa Bay Says it Doesn’t Racial Profile, but Has No Data (


Conditions of Contact: Reexamining the Relationship between Prison Visitation and Recidivism (TandFonline)

'Not everyone has to come to jail': COVID-19 changes could lead to sweeping transformation

It’s Unclear How Cuyahoga County Will Pay for New Jail (

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