SpotCrime Weekly Reads: police strategy, firearms, AI

Crime statistics influence police strategy, firearms leading cause of life lost, Stand Your Ground laws linked to increase in homicides, gun violence declared public health crisis, AI help with 911 staffing shortages, Maine law enforcement FOIA audit, criminal justice fee's trap people in poverty, Utah's clean slate law, and more...


Phoenix police release bodycam footage of officer 'ambushed' by shooter (AZ Central)

2 JP deputies arrested on manslaughter counts in shooting that left man dead (WWLTV)

Former St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain gets 4 life sentences in rape, incest case (KNOE)

Colorado could become 3rd state to ban police from lying to kids during interrogations (Oregon Live)

Michigan City crime statistics will influence police strategy (NWI Times)


Firearms: the leading cause of years of potential life lost (BMJ Journals)  

‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Linked to Increase in Homicides (TheCrimeReport)

More accurately capturing data on crime using surveys ( see also: Study examines accuracy of arrest data in FBI's NIBRS crime database (

Mayor declares gun violence a public health crisis in Columbus (The Hill)

Flint homicide rate out pacing 2021 case count; city leaders want change from the community (ABC 12)

$70+ million in illegal drugs came through Illinois in 2021 (WIFR)

California high school student faces multiple sexual battery charges as police say school officials failed to report incidents (East Bay Times)

YMCA event gives Philadelphia youth an outlet for expressing grief, fears caused by gun violence (Fox 29)


Can Artificial Intelligence Help With 911 Staff Shortages? (GovTech)

El Paso City Council to hear presentation on 700 body cams for EPPD (KVIA)

Inside the NYPD's Surveillance Machine (Amnesty International)


This constantly updated Vancouver police map keeps track of crime across the city (Vancouver Is Awesome)

Bismarck police to implement ‘calls for service’ log after viewing Citizen Survey results (KX News)

Maine Freedom of Information Coalition audits Maine law enforcement agencies (Sun Journal)


Critics say the Kansas criminal justice system's fees and fines trap people in a cycle of poverty (KCUR)

Drug Arrests Stayed High Even as Imprisonment Fell From 2009 to 2019 (Pew Trusts)

Thousands of criminal records automatically wiped under Utah’s ‘clean slate’ law (Salt Lake Tribune)

Pretrial risk-assessment tools should only be used if they're transparent and unbiased, warns ABA House (ABA Journal)

A new dashboard helps visualize millions of NC criminal justice records (UNC Chapel Hill)

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