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FBI crime data collection still stymied, calls mount to block warrantless data collection by police, FBI failed to complete 1M gun background checks, 'systemic failures' in Uvalde, looking at the crime wave, mental health may not prevent mass shootings, kids and guns, ShotSpotter tech under fire, predicting crime with AI, Marsy's Law in FL, commercial bail industry, and more...


Boulder police chief recognized for evidence-based policing (Daily Camera)

FBI’s Crime Data Collection Still Being Stymied By Major Police Departments Not Reporting Crime Stats (TechDirt)

Calls Mount for Blocking Warrantless Mass Data Collection (GovTech) see also: Amazon Ring Records Given Directly to Police in Emergencies (Bloomberg Law)

How to Defuse Police-Civilian Encounters (

FBI Failed to Complete Nearly 1M Gun Background Checks in 2020-2021 (

Report finds 'systemic failures,' poor leadership in response to Uvalde shooting (Reuters)

San Diego police response times worst they’ve been in more than a decade (The San Diego Tribune)


The Cause of the Crime Wave Is Hiding in Plain Sight (The Atlantic)

Paws on the Street: Neighborhood-Level Concentration of Households with Dogs and Urban Crime (Oxford Academic)

Crime Trends in Context (Public Policy Institute of California)

Why Millions for Mental Health Won’t Prevent Mass Shootings (

Kids and guns at the forefront as overall crime in Charlotte increases, police say (The Charlotte Observer)


The never-ending quest to predict crime using AI (The Washington Post) see also: Algorithm Predicts Crime a Week in Advance, but Reveals Bias in Police Response (Inside Big Data)

ShotSpotter tech takes a hit (GCN) see also: Report Evaluates Efficiency of Gunshot Detection Technology (GovTech) and also: Police oversight group recommends Portland use ShotSpotter in all 'high risk areas for gun violence' (KGW) and also: Savannah spends $489K on ShotSpotter but doesn’t keep data on effectiveness (The Current)

Bay HOAs installing license plate readers to prevent crime. Some are raising privacy concerns (Panama City News Herald)

LexisNexis faces pressure to terminate contract with ICE (Yahoo! News)


The problem with Marsy’s Law in Florida | Editorial (The Tampa Bay Times)

A beginner’s guide to requesting public records on Pa. law enforcement (SpotLightPA)

Why East Baton Rouge, La., Sheriffs Finally Got Body Cams (GovTech)

Ariz. limit on shooting videos of police unneeded, inflammatory (The Free Speech Center)


Can prison gardens help address the problem with mass incarceration? (Longview News Journal)

Thousands of federal inmates still await early release under Trump-era First Step Act (NBC News)

Profit Over People: The Commercial Bail Industry Fueling America’s Cash Bail Systems (

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