SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Gun violence, murder rate decrease, AI and police forces

Police data, military policing, relationship between income and crime, murder rate is falling, gun violence reduction plans, AI and police forces, police data transparency, license plate readers, drones as first responders, transformative juvenile justice, bond data dashboard, and more...


APD Uses Data to Drive Policework (Alameda Post)

Researchers find little evidence military policing reduces crime (


‘Performance crime’ on TikTok and YouTube is driving up car thefts, police say (Fortune)

Relationship between Income and Crime in Chicago (Symposium)

SAPD Chief ‘cautiously optimistic’ on violent crime plan’s progress (KSAT)

Arizona had one of the highest rates of domestic violence deaths in 2022, report finds (

The Murder Rate is Suddenly Falling (The Atlantic) see also: The Tide: Drastic decline in Savannah murder statistics City police department reports only one homicide this year as of May 27 (The Current) and also: Data shows Baltimore's homicide rate fluctuates during first five months of the year (Fox Baltimore)

Kansas City Launches Plan to Reduce Crime Amid Rising Gun Violence ( see also: How Virginia is spending new state funding to prevent gun violence (Virginia Mercury)

Birmingham continues violent crime wave as suburbs are both most dangerous and safest municipalities in U.S. (1819 News)


Safety, privacy, or both: evaluating citizens’ perspectives around artificial intelligence use by police forces (TandFonline)

ShotSpotter Trapped in Subpoena War From Data Hungry Attorneys (Bloomberg Law)

Virginia crime board awards local law enforcement $1.6 million for new license plate readers (Virginia mercury)

Drones as first responders? Newport News considers employing devices to assess crime scenes (Daily Press)


Equity and Law Enforcement Data Collection, Use, and Transparency Webinar (

Real-time data means real-time transparency: Kent County Sheriff's Office (FOX17)

Government Must Use Data to Drive Decision-Making (GovTech)


Minnesota lawmakers OK 'transformative' juvenile justice package (Star Tribune)

What is a bond data dashboard, and how will it change criminal justice in the Valley? (News Leader)

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