SpotCrime Weekly Reads: cameras cut crime, crime data, life after prison

Cameras credited for cutting crime, link between crime and obesity, possible serial killer in Chicago, data important analyzing tool, Denver PD testing GPS dart system, life after prison, and more...


San Francisco DA: Analyzing data helpful in fighting crime (ABQ Journal)

Data call into question supposed benefits of police review boards (Dallas News)

Killeen: Doorbell cameras helping police solve crimes (KWTX)

Records Requests Show Even More California Police Departments Started Destroying Records Before The Public Could Get Its Hands On Them (TechDirt)

Recently released records show Portland Police Bureau targeted counter-protesters, ignored armed alt-right demonstrators at “Patriot Prayer” rally (MuckRock)

Grand Rapids to criminalize reckless racial profiling when making police report (Michigan Watchdog)

Hawaii law enforcement power couple mired in corruption case (Associated Press)


Millennials arrested more often than predecessors—even when fewer crimes are committed (

Amazon's home security firm Ring is hiring journalists to report on crime, and it could help solve an expensive problem (Business Insider) see also: A doorbell company owned by Amazon wants to start producing “crime news” and it’ll definitely end well (Nieman Lab)

Crime and obesity: A case study using Akron, Summit County, Ohio data  (Kent State University)

CRIME HUNTER: Two serial killers preying on Chicago sex workers? (Toronto Sun)

How hacked rental e-scooters could be the future of street crime (New Scientist)

Trees in neighborhoods lead to less crime (


Multiple arrests made through use of new technology (Journal Times)

Denver Police to Test GPS Dart System to Track Fleeing Cars (GovTech)

New drone to allow GPD to see in the dark (The Gardner News)

Gunshot detection system once green-lighted for Richmond isn't happening (WRIC)

Time and Location Recommendation for Crime Prevention (Springer Link)


Homeowners are furious after the Home Office listed their quiet leafy cul-de-sac as a crime hotspot where 120 sex attacks, assaults and drug offences took place (Daily Mail)

Want to know about a crime in your neighborhood? New law is making it tough to get details (Florida Phoenix)

The Role of Data Analytics in Intelligence-Led Policing. Communities are essential in the fight against crime; sharing crime data publicly is the first step to establish transparency and increase mutual trust with law enforcement.


How I ‘Jump-Started’ My Life After Prison (

Check out "Charis Kubrin- Research Speaker Series" Can We Downsize Our Prisons and Jails Without Compromising Public Safety?: Findings from California's Crimnal Justice Reforms (Vera Institute)

Treated like 'animals': Lockdown at prison over guard shortage entering 4th month (Clarion Ledger)


VIDEO: Florida man in speedo waves down deputies to show off his marijuana plant (WPTV)

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