SpotCrime Weekly Reads: police changing policies, facial recognition, body cams

Police begin to change policies in order to secure budgets, facial recognition tech arrests wrong person, researchers denounce AI powered predictive policing, a call for body cam transparency, private companies selling your location data to law enforcement, and more...


Chicago’s Peace Academy Graduates a New Class of Violence Interrupters (The Trace)

San Jose mayor releases nine-point police reform plan (The Mercury News) see also: Chief: '8 Can't Wait' already police policy (The High Point Enterprise) and also: Cincinnati Council To Vote On A Series Of Police Reforms (WVXU) and Colorado governor signs police accountability bill, ending qualified immunity defense in the state (Efficient Gov) and finally: 3 Boston City Councilors Want To Divert Nonviolent 911 Calls From Police (CBS Boston)

3 North Carolina police officers fired over racist rants (Charlotte Observer)

Transit agencies weigh security forces amid calls to defund police (Smart Cities Dive)

Why Statistics Don’t Capture The Full Extent Of The Systemic Bias In Policing (FiveThirtyEight)

Police critic says officers need more money and less stress, along with greater accountability (The Telegraph)


‘It’s Just Stupid’: Police Data Shows 1,600 Minneapolis Gunfire Reports Within 30 Days (CBS Minnesota) see also: Shootings Rising Dramatically in NYC, Police Data Shows (

Center for Gun Violence Reporting launches to prevent shootings, save lives (IBGVR)

Despite major police reform, some in Camden, N.J., say crime remains a big problem (FoxBaltimore)

Search the database of convicted California police officers (The Mercury News)


AI researchers condemn predictive crime software, citing racial bias and flawed methods (TechCrunch) see also: Pittsburgh suspends policing program that used algorithms to predict crime ‘hot spots’ (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Facial Recognition Leads Detroit Police to Arrest the Wrong Man (PC Mag) see also: Legislation would block police from using facial recognition with body cam footage (Biometric Update)

A congressional committee has opened an investigation into the sale of the location data drawn from millions of U.S. mobile phones by company Venntel to law-enforcement agencies (WSJ) see also: FBI expands ability to collect cellphone location data, monitor social media, recent contracts show (The Intercept)

Defund the Police, and Defund Big Data Policing, Too

Nextdoor Ends Its Program for Forwarding Suspicions to Police (Bloomberg)

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Requests Helicopter Thermal Imaging Funds (GovTech)


A.G. says order naming bad cops brings transparency. Police unions fear it will ‘harass, embarrass’ officers. (

Open data and policing - PDI best practices series (Police Data Initiative)

NYC requires more transparency on police use of surveillance tech (SmartCitiesDive)

Buffalo Mayor Brown says state laws prevent release of body cam video (WIBV) see also: CMPD makes steps to be more transparent with body cam technology (WSOC TV) and also: Want to see Las Vegas police body-cam footage? You’ll soon pay $280 per hour (Las Vegas Review Journal)


20 inmates at Duval County jail test positive for COVID-19 (News4Jax)


Two men part of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ club accused of killing 7 people (NY Post)

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