SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Body cam rollout, body cam transparency, gunshot detection

Body cam rollout and transparency delay, gunshot detection effectiveness, white collar crime prosecutions decline, officer wrongdoing investigations plummet after body cams, police surveillance, Dallas crime fighting plan results, taking away access to physical mail from prisoners, and more...


Scottsdale police open internal affairs investigation after woman was falsely accused (AZ Central)

Investigations into officer wrongdoing plummet following the adoption of body cams (First Coast News)

Appeals court reverses itself, rules in Boynton case that people can videotape police (Palm Beach Post)

Governor’s Policing Surge In Jackson May Not Prevent Violence, Address Causes (Jackson Free Press)


Indianapolis leaders look to more data, community outreach in effort to reduce violent crime (FOX59) see also: CRIME MAPPING: Tracking homicides across Indianapolis (FOX59) 

White-Collar Crime Prosecutions Continue 20-Year Decline (

Are Survivors of Sexual Assault Blamed More Than Victims of Other Crimes? (Sage Journals)

‘Moving the needle:’ Dallas police stats show dip in murders but uptick in assaults after new plan (The Dallas Morning News)

Wichita ties with Kansas City on murder record as violence spikes nationally (The Wichita Eagle)


ShotSpotter Denies Alleged Data Manipulation Amid Growth (GovTech) see also: 4 Investigates: Is Albuquerque’s gunshot detection technology working? (KOB4)

Crime Gun Intelligence Center now operating in Cincinnati: Will it work? (WLWT5)

Savannah police solve crimes through new camera system (WBBJTV)

As deadline approaches, some CT police departments still don’t have body cameras (The CT Mirror)

'The Perfect Police State' Paints A Picture Of The Surveillance China Uses To Monitor Uyghurs (WBUR)

Sweden to widen police data-access powers to fight gang violence (Reuters)


Accessing police body-worn camera footage in Wisconsin (TMJ 4)

Bennetts refuses to release body-cam video, claims release would ‘impede the pursuit of justice’ (Idaho Press)

Border Patrol Officers to Wear Body Cameras in Effort to Make Agency More Transparent (Newsweek)

City of Jackson slapped with largest fine in state history following WLBT ethics complaint (WLBT3)


Handwritten letters are all Florida prisoners have left. Now FDC wants to take that away (The Daytona Beach News Journal)

Released From Prison With No Place to Live (Vera Institute of Justice)

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