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SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Encryption, AI, crime data

Police encryption and access to encrypted data, reporting police misconduct, high-speed police chases, surveillance expansion, US crime data, DOJ seeks input on AI use, machine learning flags issues with police forces sooner, AI assessing traffic stops, cyber security training, body cam transparency, forensic DNA lab transparency, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Police Chiefs Call for Solutions to Access Encrypted Data in Serious Crime Cases  (The Hacker News) Myrtle Beach police fully encrypts scanner traffic, drawing transparency concerns  (WMBF) Colorado law enforcement groups object to bill requiring officers to report colleagues' alleged misconduct  (Colorado Politics) In reversal, more areas allow high-speed police chases  (The Mercury News) Firing the police chief, probing his complaints two resolutions facing Mobile City Council  (NBC15) Surveillance expansion threatens press freedom – and everyone else's  (Freedom of the Press Foundation) 34 charges filed as Houston PD wrap

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Police AI transparency, school safety, crime rates

Shielding officer names, police overtime, Uvalde shooting grand jury, mass shootings stats, safety in schools, gun violence. DNA and AI to predict suspect's face, facial recognition, addressing the lack of up to date crime data, surveillance transparency, AI assisted law enforcement transparency, life in prison without parole, criminal justice debt, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Local police using victims’ rights law to shield names of officers who shoot suspects  (Dayton Daily News) Yakima spent more than $2 million on police overtime in 2023  (NBC Right Now) Downtown Raleigh businesses, city leaders and police praise safety measures: 'Definitely noticed'  (ABC11) How many police officers die in the line of duty?  (USA Facts) Texas prosecutor convenes grand jury to investigate Uvalde shooting, multiple media report  (AP News) In Minneapolis, police staffing levels continued to drop in 2023. So did crime.  (Star Tribune) CRIME RATE Visualizing how mass shootings in 2024 compar

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Gun violence, crime data transparency, calls for service

Police mental health, calls for service overload, missing crime data, educators' view on school safety, mass killings, gun purchases over the last 6 months, body cams valuable tool, crime data feed still down in Dallas, Illinois plans to eradicate cash bail, housing and rehab for former prisoners in California, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Jury awards $13 million to LAPD officers accused of drawing Hitler mustache on arrestee  (LA Times) Evaluation of a Mental Health Liaison Program at a Small Police Department  (TandFOnline) A police officer jailed a 3-year-old for potty training trouble. He's under investigation.  (USA Today) Crime fighting plan by Savannah police using data and community contacts to fight crime  (WJCL) With staff stretched thin, Stockton Police to stop responding to some calls for service  ( A year since launching, SLO's Mobile Crisis Unit has had hundreds of calls for service  (KSBY) CRIME RATE 4 Reasons We Should Worry About Missing Crime D

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Police shootings, police surveillance, bodycam transparency

Fatal police shootings, addressing retail theft, cyber crimes, Chicago students walk out over gun violence, face recognition in US criminal investigations, "Find My" app wrongly targets a grandmother, gunshot detection in Portland, license plate readers, bodycam transparency, backlog of court cases, prison oversight, and more... POLICE CONDUCT As fatal police shootings increase, more go unreported  (The Washington Post) Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to obtain machine guns for resale  (Des Moines Register) Portland Cops Will Use Overtime to Address Rising Retail Theft  (Willamette Week) CRIME RATE The School That Calls the Police on Students Every Other Day  (ProPublica) Chicago high school students walk out of class over gun violence  (ABC News) The FBI is worried about a wave of cyber crime against America’s small businesses  (CNBC) What a far-right plot to take over Germany can tell us about QAnon, extremism in the US  (USA Today) The FBI’s Warning About ‘Sext

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Body cam rollout, body cam transparency, gunshot detection

Body cam rollout and transparency delay, gunshot detection effectiveness, white collar crime prosecutions decline, officer wrongdoing investigations plummet after body cams, police surveillance, Dallas crime fighting plan results, taking away access to physical mail from prisoners, and more... POLICE CONDUCT Scottsdale police open internal affairs investigation after woman was falsely accused  (AZ Central) Investigations into officer wrongdoing plummet following the adoption of body cams  (First Coast News) Appeals court reverses itself, rules in Boynton case that people can videotape police  (Palm Beach Post) Governor’s Policing Surge In Jackson May Not Prevent Violence, Address Causes  (Jackson Free Press) CRIME RATE Indianapolis leaders look to more data, community outreach in effort to reduce violent crime  (FOX59) see also:  CRIME MAPPING: Tracking homicides across Indianapolis  (FOX59)  White-Collar Crime Prosecutions Continue 20-Year Decline  ( Are Survivors o

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: use of force, gun violence, crime rate

Not all police report use of force to FBI, rise in use of force cases in Las Vegas, crime pushing responders to their limit, gun violence leaves insurmountable impacts in Yakima,  NOLA adds 70 more crime cameras, roadblocks to police records, St Louis PD stops reporting crime, and more... POLICE CONDUCT As shootings ‘skyrocket,’ Wichita police get council approval for federal crackdown  (The Wichita Eagle) Most Florida police agencies don’t report use-of-force data to FBI 90 of 387 departments participate statewide  (Click Orlando) Las Vegas police report shows rise in uses of force  (Las Vegas Review Journal) Teen tased by trooper on girlfriend’s porch; experts call it ‘egregious’  (WINK) Policing in America: Racial and ethnic variations in perspectives on police activities  ( National Data on Citizen Complaints about Police Use of Force: Data Quality Concerns and the Potential (Mis)Use of Statistical Evidence to Address Police Agency Conduct  ( Fact ch

SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Hire more police officers, lessons from Vegas shooting, sextortion underreported

Gun violence takes toll on Kansas City, high crime areas make it hard for kids to get to school, police chief credits community support for less gun crime and homicides, mass violence studies, crime-predicting AI's, and more... POLICE CONDUCT CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Officers rescue baby from back seat of car stolen in carjacking  (WSBTV) Police chief credits community support for less gun crime, homicides in Newport News  (WAVY) The case for hiring more police officers  (VOX) Clay County School Board votes to create own police department for district  (First Coast News) OK Waze, NYPD wants you to stop reporting locations of DUI checkpoints  (CNN) Lessons from Las Vegas Shooting: Focus on First Responders  ( TAKEN: How police departments make millions by seizing property  (Greenville News) No-Deal Brexit Threatens British Crime Fighting. Police Say Data Sharing Alternatives 'Will Not Be as Efficient or Effective'  (BankInfoSecurity) Las Vegas

A look at NIBRS data: America's weapons of choice

NIBRS data 2016 NIBRS data was released this week. The data is available directly here on the FBI’s website . NOte that NIBRS is different than UCR. 2016 UCR data was released about a month ago. A lot of agencies are making the migration of UCR to NIBRS. We took a stab defining the difference between UCR and NIBRS a couple of years ago.   Check it out in a blog post here. Of the reported NIBRS offenses , 22.7% were crimes against persons, 14.8% were crimes against society, and 62.5% were crimes against property. More than half (52.4%) of the victims knew their offenders, but did not have a familial relationship to them. Nearly one quarter (24.3%) of the victims were related to their offenders. There’s an  array of information  included in the reports. You should check it out if you have time. For the purpose of this post, we took a deeper look at the data on offenses related to weapons. Overview of weapons data Each crime incident that involves a weapon is broken out

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Ohio State, Jax Active Shooter, Police Reform and more... Ohio State University Rampage Pipeline protest arrests strain North Dakota's court system ‘Active shooter’ and possible gunshot victims reported outside Jacksonville credit union District attorney exonerates officer, denounces rumors in killing of Keith Scott OPINION: Law Enforcement 'Failing' at Crime Reporting Tacoma cop killer killed by authorities 6 Proven Policies for Reducing Crime and Violence Without Gun Control Police Shootings and Brutality in the US: 9 Things You Should Know American Policing is Broken. Here's How You Should Fix It. Why Police Reform Won't Die Under Trump Analysis of Fatal Police Shootings How San Francisco's Transit System Warded Off Ransomware Hackers San Diego Police Unveil Gunshot Detection System at $245,000 Price Tag Walmart Keeps Local Police Departments Busy Portland Cops Have Issues with Their New Crime Reportin

Hip Hop Talents Silenced By Gun Violence

In the world of hip hop music references to criminal activity such as robbery, drug dealing and even murder are commonplace. Unfortunately in some of these cases art imitates life and the very activities occasionally referenced in the music of certain artists are reflected in real life violence. Tupac Shakur, already the victim of one shooting, was gunned down in Las Vegas on September the 7th 1996. The murder has never been solved. Christopher Wallace better known to the world as the Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down in what perhaps was a retaliation for the murder of Shakur on March the 9th 1997 in Los Angeles. This murder has also remained unsolved to this day. In a separate, but no less tragic incident; the closest friend of famed Detroit rapper Eminem, DeShaun Dupree Holton (alias Proof) was gunned down in Detroit on April the 11th 2006. The shooting resulted from an argument in a club on Detroits 8 Mile stretch. Below is a map of the shootings: A detailed crime listing is availabl