SpotCrime Weekly Reads: police suicides, under policing, drones

Police suicides, police insurance, under policing America, stand your ground laws, abandoned cars cause crime, extremist incidents, AI to fight illegal dumping, Minneapolis police drones, lack of crime data in America, reporting hazing incidents on college campus, mental health in prison, prison labor, and more...


Police Suicides: Silence is No Longer an Answer (The Crime Report)

Texas sheriff opens criminal investigation into Martha's Vineyard migrant trips (NBC News)

Insurers force change on police departments long resistant to it (The Washington Post)

‘The Injustice of Under-Policing in America’: Paper (The Crime Report)

Federal Oversight of Police Has Cost Cleveland Millions. What’s Changed? (The Marshall Project)

The Price Kids Pay: Schools and Police Punish Students With Costly Tickets for Minor Misbehavior (ProPublica)


Gun Deaths Hit an All-Time High (Again) in 2021 (The Trace) see also: Guns Are Driving Rising Suicide Rates in American Cities (Governing)

Report: California needs to treat rising levels of violence like a public health crisis (MedCityNews)

No Retreat: The Impact of Stand Your Ground Laws on Violent Crime (SAGE Journals)

'City is in crisis': McDonald's CEO sounds the alarm over crime in Chicago (ABC7Chicago)

‘Stop the shooting’: Inside the effort to protect students from neighborhood gun violence (ChalkBeat)

Abandoned Cars Cause Crime, Not Just Blight (Governing)

70 percent increase in extremist incidents between 2020 to 2021, ADL new report (CBS News)


Cleveland wants to use artificial intelligence to fight illegal dumping (

Portsmouth police adopt new technology in an effort to tackle crime (13NewsNow)

Why the Minneapolis Police Department wants drones to help police the streets (MinnPost)

Millions of license plates are scanned in order to combat crime. Is storing that information a violation of privacy? (Fox40)


What’s Dangerous Is America’s Lack of Crime Data (Bloomberg)

Colleges don’t have to report hazing episodes in annual security reports. Lawmakers want to change that. (Higher Ed Dive)


Lack of statewide pretrial data is an impediment to reforms, advocates say (

Locking up People with Mental Health Conditions Doesn’t Make Anyone Safer (Vera)

Trends in Prison Sentences and Racial Disparities: 20-Years of Sentencing Under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code (SAGE Jounals)

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