SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Gun violence, crime data transparency, calls for service

Police mental health, calls for service overload, missing crime data, educators' view on school safety, mass killings, gun purchases over the last 6 months, body cams valuable tool, crime data feed still down in Dallas, Illinois plans to eradicate cash bail, housing and rehab for former prisoners in California, and more...


Jury awards $13 million to LAPD officers accused of drawing Hitler mustache on arrestee (LA Times)

Evaluation of a Mental Health Liaison Program at a Small Police Department (TandFOnline)

A police officer jailed a 3-year-old for potty training trouble. He's under investigation. (USA Today)

Crime fighting plan by Savannah police using data and community contacts to fight crime (WJCL)

With staff stretched thin, Stockton Police to stop responding to some calls for service (

A year since launching, SLO's Mobile Crisis Unit has had hundreds of calls for service (KSBY)


4 Reasons We Should Worry About Missing Crime Data (The Marshall Project)

Educators’ Views on School Safety, in Charts (Education Week)

U.S. endures deadliest 6 months of mass killings on record (PBS) see also: Are Handguns or Rifles Used More Often in Mass Shootings? (The Trace) and also: How Many Guns Did Americans Buy Last Month? (The Trace)

Florida crime numbers not complete statewide; experts say they should not be used to fit narrative (Yahoo! News)


Macomb police chief: Body cameras proving to be ‘a valuable tool’ (Tri State Public Radio)


City Crime Data Still Down, Murders Still Up (The Dallas Express)

Corning Police can’t readily provide crime data (

Man wins decades-long battle to get FCPD to use community names, not postal addresses, in crime reports (FFXNow)


Illinois plans to eradicate cash bail statewide (Lakeshore Public Media)

California Spent $600M To House And Rehab Former Prisoners — But Can’t Say Whether It Helped (LAist)

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