SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Murder decline, traffic stops, generative AI

Solving more murders, culture of wellness in criminal justice jobs, the police personality, traffic stop disparities, drop in gun violence and murders, gun homicides down slightly, generative AI for criminal justice, reducing recidivism and worker shortage, free prison calls, and more...


New evidence that we're solving more murders (Slow Boring)

DOJ Officials Call for 'Culture of Wellness' in Criminal Justice Jobs (National Criminal Justice Association)

The “Police Personality”: Is it Real? (Sage Journals)

Most U.S. emergency call centers are understaffed (Axios)

Kansas Cops Have 'Waged War on Motorists' by Subjecting Them to Pretextual Traffic Stops, a Federal Judge Says (reason) see also: Pittsburgh efforts to address racial bias in traffic enforcement have reduced the number of stops, but disparities remain (Public Source)

Tickets and arrests didn’t go up when SROs reintroduced to Denver schools, police data shows (The Colorado Sun)


Top Baltimore prosecutor and Maryland U.S. attorney tout tough on crime partnership success (Fox Baltimore)

Hochul visits Buffalo to praise the city's drop in gun violence: 'Progress is undeniable' (The Buffalo News)

CDC Provisional Data: Gun Suicides Reach All-time High in 2022, Gun Homicides Down Slightly from 2021 (Johns Hopkins)

Report: VA, US Crime Rates See Post-Pandemic Decline (Public News Service)

Fentanyl is spreading the opioid crisis into America’s big cities (The Economist)


911 agency cancels controversial $6M tech contract spearheaded by ex-director Tyrell Morris (

What Does Generative AI Mean for the Justice System? (GovTech)


Baltimore County Police keep a tight grip on records (The Baltimore Banner)

Police Departments Are Gradually Adopting a More Detailed Program to Report Nationwide Crime Data. Chicago Recently Became the Largest User (WTTW)


New AL Job Portal Helps Reduce Recidivism and Worker Shortage (Public News Service)

California’s free prison calls are repairing estranged relationships and aiding rehabilitation (LA Times)

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