SpotCrime Weekly Reads: Police AI transparency, school safety, crime rates

Shielding officer names, police overtime, Uvalde shooting grand jury, mass shootings stats, safety in schools, gun violence. DNA and AI to predict suspect's face, facial recognition, addressing the lack of up to date crime data, surveillance transparency, AI assisted law enforcement transparency, life in prison without parole, criminal justice debt, and more...


Local police using victims’ rights law to shield names of officers who shoot suspects (Dayton Daily News)

Yakima spent more than $2 million on police overtime in 2023 (NBC Right Now)

Downtown Raleigh businesses, city leaders and police praise safety measures: 'Definitely noticed' (ABC11)

How many police officers die in the line of duty? (USA Facts)

Texas prosecutor convenes grand jury to investigate Uvalde shooting, multiple media report (AP News)

In Minneapolis, police staffing levels continued to drop in 2023. So did crime. (Star Tribune)


Visualizing how mass shootings in 2024 compare with past years (CNN)

A Snapshot of Crime and Safety in Schools (Education Week)

Gun Violence Remains A Consistent Problem In Hawaii (Honolulu Civil Beat)

Longview PD says using intelligence department, research reduces crime rates (KETK)

Does darkness increase the risk of certain types of crime? A registered report protocol (PLOS)

CrimeGraph: Feature Engineering Crime Events (


Cops Used DNA to Predict a Suspect’s Face—and Tried to Run Facial Recognition on It (Wired)

Fujitsu bugs that sent innocent people to prison were known “from the start” Software bugs were hidden from lawyers of wrongly convicted UK postal workers. (Ars Technica)


New Project Aims to Address the Lack of Up-to Date Data on Crime (Arnold Ventures)

San Diego exempts police databases, security cameras from surveillance transparency law — with more changes likely (KPBS) see also: Experts urge Congress to help set standards, increase transparency of AI-assisted law enforcement (Courthouse News Service)

In Minnesota police shootings, ACLU attorney seeks transparency (Grand Forks Herald)


Life in Prison Without Parole in Louisiana (The Sentencing Project)

5 Takeaways From Our Investigation Into How Mississippi Counties Jail People for Mental Illness (Propublica)

The Long and Unequal Burden of Criminal Justice Debt (Governing)

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